8-1 Solving Differential Equations Numerically

This program demonstrates solving differential equations numerically with various algorithms.

To run the demo:

  1. Choose a differential equation. Its analytical solution is plotted in blue. The initial condition y(x0) = y0 is represented by a red dot at (x0, y0).
  2. Choose an algorithm to solve the equation numerically:
    • Euler’s
    • Predictor-Corrector
    • Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta
  3. Repeatedly press the Step button (up to 10 times) to single-step the algorithm with an increasing number of intervals. Each approximate solution is plotted in red.
  4. Press the Run button to animate the algorithm.

The original Java Applets do not run in modern browsers, but you can download the Java code and run it locally on your desktop. Check back for JavaScript and Python versions - coming soon!


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